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user – Manage user accounts — Ansible Documentation

    Optionally sets the user's login class, a feature of most BSD OSs. ... On macOS, before Ansible 2.5, the default shell for non-system users was /usr/bin/false. Since Ansible 2.5, the default shell for non-system users on macOS is /bin/bash. On other operating systems, the default shell is determined by the underlying tool being used. ...

user - Manage user accounts — Ansible Documentation

    How do I handle different machines needing different user accounts or ports to log in with? How do I get ansible to reuse connections, enable Kerberized SSH, or have Ansible pay attention to my local SSH config file? ... user - Manage user accounts ...

How to login with root password when using Ansible tool ...

    May 28, 2017 · See method #2 below for more info on how to setup ssh keys for login. A note about setting up the connection type and user on a per host basis in inventory file. The syntax is: $ cat inventory [cluster] ln.cbz01 ansible_connection=ssh ansible_user=vivek ln.cbz01 ansible_connection=ssh ansible_user=root ln.cbz01 ansible_connection=ssh ansible ...

permissions - Running Ansible task as a specific user ...

    Ideally, you would login directly as the right user and that's what remote_user is all about. But usually you are only able to login as an administrative user (say, ubuntu) and have to sudo commands as another user (let's say scrapy). Then you should leave remote_user to the user that logs in and the add the following ansible properties to the job:

Creating a User in Ansible Servers for Hackers

    Users cannot login (over SSH or otherwise) unless they are assigned a shell, usually /bin/bash. This shell is the program run when you login - it's why you can interact with the server. The ability to login usually coincides with assigning the user a home directory.Author: Chris Fidao

How to manage remote server users with ansible Keksi.io

    Dec 05, 2016 · You are now managing all of your users with ansible. When you need to have more users just add them into the users array and deploy again. Remember to share your changes with your coworkers and teach them how to use this setup. If you want to learn more you should head into our example repo: KeksiLabs/ansible-user-management-example.Author: Onni Hakala

Working with Ansible User Module - My Daily Tutorials

    Oct 03, 2017 · Ansible user module helps us to manage user accounts in Linux systems including creating user accounts, deleting them, setting passwords, adding groups to each user, etc. How to create users in Ansible Let us first see how to write a basic task for creating a Linux user using the Ansible user module. There is only […]

win_user – Manages local Windows user accounts — Ansible ...

    When absent, removes the user account if it exists. When present, creates or updates the user account. When query (new in 1.9), retrieves the user account details without making any changes. update_password. string. Choices: ... This module is maintained by the Ansible Core Team.

How to set and use sudo password for Ansible Vault - nixCraft

    Jan 02, 2019 · How to specify sudo password for Ansible at the cli (method # 1) The syntax is: ansible-playbook -i inventory my.yml \--extra-vars 'ansible_become_pass= YOUR-PASSWORD-HERE ' From the security perspective typing password at the CLI argument is not a good idea.Hence, you can force ansible-playbook to ask for the password:

win_domain_user – Manages Windows Active Directory user ...

    If this is not set then the user Ansible used to log in with will be used instead when using CredSSP or Kerberos with credential delegation. email. string. Configures the user's email address. This is a record in AD and does not do anything to configure any email servers or systems.

bash - Creating a new user and password with Ansible ...

    Thanks for the tip. I just wanted to point out that the user module documentation linked above recommends using the openssl passwd -salt <salt> -1 <plaintext> to generate the password hash, rather than the Python one-liner you have above. I had some trouble getting correct output from Python, probably due to my own incompetence and the openssl command worked better.

authentication - Using Ansible on windows with domain user ...

    Finally, though I wasn't able to tell which version of Ansible you were using, I did some research and found that "Ansible 2.0 has deprecated the “ssh” from ansible_ssh_user, ansible_ssh_host, and ansible_ssh_port to become ansible_user, ansible_host, and ansible…

Ansible User Module-Ansible Add User To Group-Decoding Devops

    Ansible User Module-Ansible Add User To Group: Ansible user module is used to create a user’s accounts in any Linux machine. With Ansible user module we can create users, we can delete users, we can add passwords to those users and with ansible user module we can add users to groups.

Ansible dedicated user with /usr/sbin/nologin shell? : ansible

    I made a user specifically to deploy stuff with Ansible. It has sudo rights + password + ssh key. I don't know if it's very useful but I thought it might be more secure and more practical to have the same unprivileged user.

GitHub - nickjj/ansible-user: Create and configure a user ...

    Jun 28, 2018 · What is ansible-user? It is an Ansible role to:. Create user groups; Create a single user, add it to any groups you created and configure its shell; Set your public SSH key as an authorized key so you can login without a password

Ansible Playbooks - Managing Groups and User creation ...

    Step by step creating with a user adding ansible playbook, Automating user account creation in Linux using Ansible playbooks made easy with Ansible. ... Create a user Temporary account “guest001” with UID “2004” without privilege and he will be a collaborator under “warehouse” group. His home directory should not be created and his ...Author: Babin Lonston

Ansible security best practices - Server Fault

    Also, avoid use of root user for any purpose, and especially remote login. Create a unprivileged user dedicated for Ansible with sudo access / let the Ansible user to run every commands through sudo without specifying any password. Exactly. An unprivileged user that you can audit back to ansible…

User Management with Ansible - Ryan Daniels - Medium

    Mar 02, 2018 · Ansible is a great tool to automate all the things. Another task it can help to automate is user management. This guide will be talking specifically about user …Author: Ryan Daniels

Ansible Tower Ansible.com

    Ansible Tower Workflows allow you to easily model complex processes with Ansible Tower's intuitive workflow editor. Ansible Tower workflows chain any number of playbooks, updates, and other workflows, regardless of whether they use different inventories, run as different users…

User Management with Ansible - chrisshort.net

    The Ansible tasks are fairly simple but there was one user (snowflake) that did not want to use SSH keys (ugh) so they are going to be our special snowflake that we have to worry about setting a password on. SECURITY NOTE: Best practice would be to set all these accounts to have random passwords and force the users to change them upon login ...

Ansible: How to change MySQL server root password by ...

    [client] user=root password={{ mysql_root_password }} Further reading. Relevant notes from ansible-mysql_user_module-documentation: Note1: To secure this user as part of an idempotent playbook, you must create at least two tasks: the first must change the root user’s password, without providing any login_user/login_password details.

Ansible User Management, Managing system users using ...

    Removing System Users using Ansible . In the cloud cloud environment, user has a lifecycle, if the user is no longer required to be present in the system the user must be deleted, and this should happen proactivaley, for an example "user2" user needs to deleted, then from the change management process, users.yml files needs to edited to remove the entry of user2Author: Anish

Getting Started: LDAP Authentication in Ansible Tower

    Jan 31, 2018 · Next in the Getting Started series is covering the basics of configuring Red Hat Ansible Tower to allow users to log in with LDAP credentials. In this post, we'll explain a few troubleshooting tips to help narrow down problems and correct them. As long as you have a map of your LDAP tree/forest ...

How Ansible Works Ansible.com

    How Ansible Works. Ansible is a ... Root logins are not required, you can login as any user, and then su or sudo to any user. Ansible's "authorized_key" module is a great way to use ansible to control what machines can access what hosts. Other options, like kerberos or …

Inventory ansible_ssh_user overrides play remote_user ...

    Oct 26, 2013 · I put ansible_ssh_user in inventory, to cope with the fact that new instances in our cloud demand login with different users, depending on distro (root, cirros, debian, etc.) But this overrides remote_user in playbooks. I mentioned this ...

Adding user with user module fails on RHEL7 · Issue #22576 ...

    Mar 13, 2017 · ISSUE TYPE Bug Report COMPONENT NAME user ANSIBLE VERSION ansible config file = configured module search path = Default w/o overrides CONFIGURATION Default OS / ENVIRONMENT I think N/A but OSX 10.11.6 SUMMARY Cannot create a user...

Setup New User and SSH Key Auth. using Ansible on Ubuntu 18.04

    A new user has been created, and now it can use sudo without a password. Step 2 - Define User and SSH Key. In this step, we will define the user for ansible hosts. This user will be automatically created by ansible, so we just need to define the username, password, and the ssh public key.Author: Muhammad Arul

Setup SSH Key and initial user using Ansible Playbook

    Oct 12, 2018 · In this blog we will Setup SSH Key and initial user using Ansible Playbook. ... Now we want to disable the Password Authentication on all the remote hosts.This means no user/root user can login …Author: Nidhi

Changing account password : ansible - reddit

    Feb 20, 2017 · Changing account password So I've been trying to test how to change account passwords in ansible and I found some interesting things, that maybe someone can explain me better or have a better opinion on how to do it.

Understanding privilege escalation: become — Ansible ...

    However, when both the connection user and the become_user are unprivileged, the module file is written as the user that Ansible connects as, but the file needs to be readable by the user Ansible is set to become. In this case, Ansible makes the module file world-readable for the duration of the Ansible module execution.

Ansible is Simple IT Automation

    Red Hat Ansible. Ansible is an open source community project sponsored by Red Hat, it's the simplest way to automate IT. Ansible is the only automation language that can be used across entire IT teams from systems and network administrators to developers and managers. About Us …

GitHub - gbirke/ansible-create-users: Create users from list

    Sep 02, 2016 · This Python script and Ansible playbook help you to create several user accounts on different servers, give each user a secure password and force the user to change the password on first login. The Python script generate_user_passwords.py creates a YAML dictionary of user names and SHA512-hashed ...

Expire password for user · Issue #10791 · ansible/ansible ...

    Apr 20, 2015 · When creating a new user account a password can be set. A desirable behavior is to have the user login with the password once and the be forced to set a new password immediately. A shell command could be used in this form: "password -e u...

Create user account & configure key-based authentication ...

    Ansible communicates with remote machines over SSH. In this tutorial we going to create a playbook where we will create a user for the key-based authentication and copy the public key to the remote hosts.. If you don’t install yet Ansible you can take a look to my first tutorial about how install Ansible devops on Centos 7 /RHEL 7: Getting Started With Ansible

Running Ad Hoc Commands - Ansible Tips and Tricks

    Running Ansible as a different user. There are multiple ways to control which user account is used when executing Ansible. It can be controlled via a user's ~/.ssh/config, via remote_user in Ansible or through the Ansible inventory. This has changed drastically between Ansible versions pre-2.0 and post 2.0. Follow this link to see how this can ...

Active Directory & Ansible Tower

    May 06, 2018 · As shown in the beginning of this post, those two variables go along with the connecting account variables after vars: in an Ansible Playbook. In Ansible Tower, those variables go in the job template. So now you know how to use Ansible with Microsoft’s Active Directory!

Sign In - Ansible

    Sign In. Please sign in with one of your existing third party accounts. Or, sign up for a galaxy.ansible.com account and sign in below:

Creating users and their passwords with Ansible Leben++

    Apr 19, 2017 · As you can see, the password parameter can be left out when creating a user. This will cause Ansible to create a user with a “locked” password. To enable a SSH login for that user, a public key is added to the list of allowed public keys of that user.

Connect to Windows host using domain account from ansible ...

    Mar 08, 2018 · Connect to Windows host using domain account from ansible controller not joined into AD domain. The discussion we had previously is only useful to manage a windows PC with local username/password. In order to manage a domain windows PC we have to install kerberos module for Ansible. ... It fails though if you try to rely on the ansible_user ...

How to Install and Configure Ansible Liquid Web

    Jul 24, 2019 · yum install ansible. Step 4a: Create a User for Ansible. As security best practice denotes, it is a good idea to avoid logging into your Linux servers as root. We will create a non-root user on our control node and our managed nodes that will run our Ansible playbooks. This user defines the admin Ansible will utilize to log into our managed nodes.Author: Matt Arman

Tutorial - Configure role-based access control (RBAC ...

    AKS can be configured to use Azure Active Directory (AD) for user authentication. Once configured, you use your Azure AD authentication token to sign into the AKS cluster. The RBAC can be based on a user's identity or directory group membership. In this tutorial, Ansible is used to:

Ansible SSH Setup Playbook #! code

    The ansible_ssh_user parameter tells Ansible which user to login as and ansible_ssh_pass tells Ansible what the users password is. Those of you who know something about Ansible might wonder why you would pass the password to Ansilbe using the ansible_ssh_pass parameter and not the --ask-pass flag on the command line.